RF body sculpting course for estheticians

Provide your clients with a needle-free alternative to liposuction. This radio-frequency body sculpting course goes into detail about RF technology and cosmetic treatments based on it. As of now, RF contouring is the most popular way to trim unwanted fat, reduce cellulite and improve saggy skin areas non-invasively, which can help you win clients who aren’t ready for surgery.

RF body sculpting uses a specialised device to target subcutaneous fatty deposits. It relies on thermal effects to break them down without making any incisions in the areas being treated. Plus, RF body contouring treatments can be tailored for every patient, depending on their fat reduction needs.

All this makes RF a win-win for those scoping out non-surgical ways to get their dream body. But there’s a lot to learn to leverage it for your practice.

RF sculpting training essentials: Theory and practice

At Star Beauty Academy, we leave no stone unturned in making you an accomplished body sculpting specialist. This course spans theoretical and practical (hands-on) contents, equipping you with valuable knowledge and skills. Even if you’ve never performed body contouring procedures before, be sure to enrol to fill the gap in your experience.

As part of our radio-frequency body sculpting course, you’ll be guided through:

  • how RF technology works for fat reduction
  • why RF treatments have the edge over their invasive counterparts
  • hand-held devices used to perform the procedure
  • recommended number of body sculpting treatments
  • what body areas can be treated
  • patient eligibility criteria
  • TGA safety guidelines and protocols

From there, you’ll proceed to our training ground. Like other Star Beauty Academy courses, the RF sculpting training includes practising hours for every trainee. You’ll spend them applying the knowledge you’ve acquired to analyse a patient’s body contouring needs and carry out the procedure. This is your opportunity to upskill yourself while making the most of real-life treatment scenarios. You’ll also learn to handle Cryomed LED devices at our facility.

Whether you’re new to body sculpting treatments altogether or only RF-based ones, consider completing this course. Doing so will allow you to:

  • start giving appointments for RF body sculpting at your clinic
  • upgrade your existing skills thanks to hands-on training
  • pick up the best non-invasive practices
  • learn to tailor treatments for your clients individually to achieve sought-after results

You’ll get a certificate of completion at the end of the RF body sculpting course at Star Beauty Academy. It’s issued to show you’re qualified to advise your clients on non-invasive contouring treatments and carry them out. This certificate is only provided if you undergo hands-on training and pass the tests that follow.

How to enrol on RF sculpting training in Sydney?

To join the course to learn RF fat reduction treatments, you need to pay an enrollment fee and book a spot for the upcoming class. Follow the instructions on this page or get in touch to register over the phone.

Please note: This is not an online course. It includes hands-on training and takes place at Star Beauty Academy in Sydney.