Microneedling training courses near me: Come to learn and practise

Microneedling is a super-effective rejuvenation procedure that is pretty easy to carry out. But for patients, it may appear as a harrowing option. Many give up on getting microneedling because of all those numerous needles that will prick and seemingly hurt them. While you can’t prevent your clients from being terrified of needles, you can perfect your skills to perform the procedure without discomfort. We’ve put together a professional microneedling course to teach you just that.

Whether you want to start doing microneedling or upgrade your skills, put your name down for this course. It takes a deep dive into the basics and technicalities of the procedure using modern devices. And it’s all you need to become a qualified microneedling beauty therapist to win your clients’ hearts.

You can take a microneedling class at Star Beauty Academy in Wentworth Point or the CBD. We’ve set up well-equipped training facilities in both locations for you to learn and practise.

Theory section of our microneedling course in Sydney

Before you get down to pricking somebody’s skin, you must know what microneedling is used for in the first place. That’s what our trainers will explain during the theory part of the course.

We’ve crammed our own experience, the industry’s best practices and learning materials into this microneedling training to provide you with concise insights into:

  • the nuts and bolts of microneedling
  • what skin conditions this treatment works best for
  • recommended treatment guidelines
  • good and bad candidates for the procedure
  • what microneedling pens and techniques are worth using
  • topical anesthetics and other ways to minimise discomfort during the procedure
  • recovery practices and aftercare

This knowledge is the foundation of your microneedling skills. You’ll then get to polish them with hands-on experience.

Practice section of our microneedling course

Microneedling can be painful and rife with side effects if performed by an inexperienced specialist. You definitely don’t want to be one. To make sure you’re ready to carry out the procedure at your clinic, you’ll spend some training hours practising at Star Beauty Academy.

You’ll get a microneedling device and other essentials for the procedure. They are included in the cost of this microneedling course, so you can:

  • gain hands-on experience preparing a patient for the treatment
  • put your knowledge into practice as you create tiny skin punctures
  • learn how microneedling devices work in a clinical environment
  • get used to applying advanced techniques with Cryomed LED therapy for a patient’s painless experience

These practical skills are your priceless assets. They can give you a competitive edge and more clients in the long run.

How can I get a microneedling certification near me?

Star Beauty Academy is licensed to issue certificates you need to start performing microneedling professionally. All you need to do is complete the theoretical and practical sections of the course, plus an assessment. It’s your quickest way to get a microneedling certification in Sydney.
Need more information on the training course outline or certification? We’re ready to help once you contact us.