Laser aesthetics course in Sydney: Getting a feel for laser therapy

Is it a good idea to invest in cosmetic lasers to provide laser treatments for your clients? In a word: yes. Laser therapy spans multiple treatments, adding to more ways you can help your patients. Modern devices can be configured to remove vascular lesions, improve hyperpigmentation, treat acne and rejuvenate skin, among other uses. But with that comes a steep learning curve. Fortunately, you can now flatten it with laser cosmetology courses at Star Beauty Academy.

This training is for estheticians and skin care specialists willing to get familiar with laser therapy. It goes over the basics of how you can safely use it, indications, contraindications and the best practices. And it doesn’t only touch on all those. The course includes hands-on laser classes for estheticians where you can get a handle on laser therapy devices in a practical setting.

Offering laser treatments is a surefire way of growing your practice. If that’s what you’re looking to achieve, get well up on TGA-approved equipment and techniques at Star Beauty Academy.

Why enrol on this laser treatment course?

If you join this course, you’ll be all into:

  • Effective classroom learning. Delve into laser therapy protocols, treatment methods, device settings, skin conditions and more. You’ll learn everything you must know as you make your way to practising with specialised equipment.
  • Hands-on clinical learning. “Practice makes perfect” is entrenched in this cosmetic laser training. You’ll learn to perform laser treatments using approved hand-held devices in our clinical setting, including those designed by Cryomed.
  • Expert guidance. Our course trainers are practitioners who have been mastering laser therapy for years. They’ll walk you through the ins and outs of advanced practices and be there for any assistance you may need when acquiring hands-on skills.
  • Delivering results. It’s one thing to know how to provide laser treatments. And it’s another to ensure the outcomes your clients expect. We’ll educate you on that, so your patients are always satisfied.
  • Cosmetic laser technician certification. Once you complete the training, you’ll obtain the necessary qualifications to perform laser treatments at your clinic. Credentials are included in all our laser certification courses in Sydney.

Understanding laser therapy devices

There’s no silver-bullet device for all laser treatments. They are specially designed for particular cosmetic problems, like enhancing the appearance of skin irregularities or removing unwanted hair. On top of that, they all require different protocols to be followed in a clinical setting.

Star Beauty Academy laser therapy training also looks into TGA-approved device types and their pros and cons. This is your opportunity to try out some of them and understand what equipment you should invest in for commercial uses. We’ll examine their effects, performance and safety guidelines to help you make an informed choice for your beauty salon or clinic.
Want to enrol on this laser treatment course? Contact us for entry fee details, duration, curriculum and when you can start your training. After completing this course, you’ll be qualified to do laser treatments for your clients straight away!