Dermal filler introductory course for beauticians from all backgrounds

As the most sought-after aesthetic procedure to rejuvenate, smooth and plump skin, the facial injections beauty treatment can target wrinkles and other signs of ageing almost anywhere on the face. With the latest techniques to safely and accurately administer dermal fillers while reducing the risks, our introductory cosmetic filler training is available not just for medical professionals. Star Beauty Academy offers an introductory course for beauticians with different levels of experience.

As experts in the dermal filler industry and facial injectables courses, we are happy to train all individuals who wish to expand their services and clientele. Our instructors have years of injecting experience, so we are here to provide you with more than just the basics of administering fillers.

The Star Beauty Academy Botox and dermal filler course covers the details of performing the treatment in accordance with specific aesthetic goals. We are proud to walk you through all the steps needed to administer fillers in a safe and precise manner and deliver flawless results for your clients that meet or exceed their expectations.

Why choose Star Beauty Academy training courses for Botox and fillers?

Dermal filler injections have amazing results that are almost instant. However, mastering the art of this transformation may be anything but easy or fast. Luckily, we have enough professional know-how to simplify it for you with this comprehensive course.

Any beauty enthusiast can enrol. Even if you start with little to no experience with injectables, we ensure you are fully trained and confident to do facial fillers after getting a certificate of course completion. 

The Star Beauty Academy introductory cosmetic filler course sets you up for success, offering all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to comfortably administer dermal fillers:

  • Client evaluation and consultation
  • Safety guidelines, risk issues and aftercare
  • Proper dosing and delivery of dermal fillers
  • Understanding product absorption and distribution under the skin
  • The best treatment techniques for different aesthetic needs
  • Hands-on dermal filler injection training

Becoming qualified and certified in providing facial injection services is a smart move and a worthy investment. This way, you can integrate these facial treatments into your practice and deliver exceptional results to clients.

Complete your introductory facial filler training and get your certification

Star Beauty Academy welcomes you regardless of your experience in the beauty industry. Our course trainers help you master the best techniques and take your knowledge to the practical level where you can confidently administer fillers for their optimal distribution under the skin.

For your convenience, we offer a choice of a one-day training session or a 7-day course and two different locations in the CBD and Wentworth Point.

However, no facial injectables course is complete without practical assessments that grant a Star Beauty Academy certificate. These will ensure your clients’ confidence that you are qualified to perform aesthetic treatments professionally to prevent or compensate for the signs of ageing. 

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