Skin analysis training in Sydney: Learn to assess the right way

Diagnostic accuracy determines a treatment outcome to a great extent. In aesthetic medicine, it often boils down to how good you’re at assessing a skin condition when a patient comes for their first appointment. What is considered normal and abnormal? What are the distinct signs of conditions like rosacea? And how do you perform a check for different skin types? This is what our skin assessment courses delve into to help you become a more qualified beauty therapy provider.

Our ideal trainees are those kicking off their aesthetic careers and looking to deepen their knowledge. Whether you’re a nurse or a budding beautician, Star Beauty Academy skin analysis classes are for you. They revolve around theoretical content and plenty of hands-on training to improve your assessment skills in real-life scenarios.

Why is it vital to receive skin assessment training?

Knowing how to assess and diagnose a skin condition is the backbone of proper care. You can’t advise your clients on their best treatment options until you identify the cause, severity, contraindications and secondary diseases they may have. Only when you have the big picture based on symptoms can you devise a tailored therapy plan, be it for acne scars or hyperpigmentation.

Our skin analysis courses can help you deliver better care and, as a result, win more clients. They are easy to get through and include two parts for a structured learning experience. The theory section will teach you:

  • skin assessment basics
  • inspection methods and techniques
  • things to watch out for based on a patient’s skin condition
  • how to make correct treatment recommendations after skin assessment

You’ll also learn to assess the severity of a patient’s skin problem and determine whether it’s really a problem. Some clients may mistake healthy skin reactions for nasty flaws that don’t require any cosmetic treatments. For others, however, you may need to recommend treatments with Cryomed and other devices that you can also master with us.

When you proceed to the practice section of your skin analysis training, you’ll gain hands-on experience:

  • examining and palpating the skin
  • applying various inspection methods in real life
  • distinguishing between worrisome spots, marks, wrinkles and other skin damage types

No skin inspection skills are required to get started with our skin assessment courses. We’ll guide you through the practice section and show you how to apply all techniques properly. Even first-timers can get the hang of the procedure at Star Beauty Academy with ease.

Skin analysis certification and course entry fees

Completing any Star Beauty Academy training rewards you with specific knowledge, skills and certificates. Once you master skin assessment and pass practical tests, you’ll get an official credential that proves your competence. You can use it to complement your other certificates to run a beauty therapy practice.

The skin analysis course price is paid as a one-time fee to receive training in our Sydney CBD or Wentworth Point location. It includes all learning materials and certificates, so you’re never charged extra.

Ready to book a spot to learn to examine skin conditions? Contact us to join a group for the upcoming course.